Monday, December 22, 2008

Playing in the Sun

Cutest 4 year old in China
"Times Square" of Guangzhou 6pm on Sunday
Larry and Macie playing a version of hacky sack with a local guy
Macie and Larry drawing a crowd w/ volleyball
Wen Jun learning volleyball
We have been having a good time enjoying the sun, playgrounds, friendly people and shopping here on Shaiman Island in Guangzhou.  There are tons of adoptive families and we're enjoying dinners, park dates, and play time with all the other kids.  Yesterday, we visited a jade and pearl market and were able to pick up Wen Jun's pearls for when she is old enough to have them.  Today was her medical exam, needed for her American Visa, and she was subjected to a full exam and 4 shots!  She was a tough girl and we celebrated the end of the 2 hour ordeal with a frappucino - yes, there is a Starbucks here, and no, it is not cheaper.  It was about $10 for a latte and a frapp!  :o(  She *really* loves frappucinos, and I've had to warn her that it is a once-in-a-while treat in America! lol!  


The McBride's said...

I think we played Hacky sack with the same guy earlier this month at the park. Got to love the locals on the island. Bet you can't wait to come home. Tell Larry that his order of chicken feet, Glutinous rice and century eggs is on back-order.

Elise said...

Once in a while? She hasnt been told about the life you left behind has she? *gasp* :) I miss you guys!