Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're alive!

Sisters making cupcakes

LiLi turns 5!!!!

Our new CCTV!

First time in hottub

Our walk at the Nature Center

Wow, I think the jet-lag, head cold, and leftover food poisoning issues have worn off and we're back to ourselves! I was beginning to think that my sense of humor was permanently gone, but it turns out, we're okay in that department, too. :-)

We started back to home school this week and as it turns out, Wen Jun is a breeze! She is so goal-oriented that I look at my other kids, raise my eyebrows, and sorta say, "um, hello?" We were BLESSED by Larry's dad to procure a CCTV that magnifies whatever she is reading onto a huge screen. She diligently practices her Chinese characters and reading. She has also jumped into spelling, Bible, math and history.

Gotta run for now and start the shower line - don't get me started on our need for a 2nd water heater.