Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hohhot Traffic - always on the verge of being run over

The first clip is a top view of the street we crossed, the 2nd clip is our attempt!  We almost lost Wen Jun and Dad to a bicycle tonight.  No one obeys traffic laws, and when we stepped out into the sidewalk, a bike almost took all of us out.  Wen Jun has track marks on her sweat pants!  She said she was just glad it wasn't a car.  :-)


glinne said...

Oh, do be careful! It looks SO cold there! Counting the days now till we now you are back home! Love you lots, Boss and Gigi

Trish said...

It's just crazy there! (Vietnam was that way too) Still looks bitter cold! Looks like everyone is still having fun though! Trish

Daisy Dreams said...

Ahhh, the traffic in China.....nothing quite like it! We never were brave enough to cross the streets though!