Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Museum Day

My poor home schooled children...all the way to China and Mom is STILL dragging them to museums!  Today we visited the Hohhot Museum of Natural and Mongolian History.  It was an amazing place, as you can see from the photos.  There were many beautiful exhibits and we were all glad for a few hours outside of our hotel.  We ate lunch at a very traditional restaurant with our sweet coordinator, Gessie, who we have all fallen in love with.  We are getting a tiny bit stir crazy, but trying to enjoy Inner Mongolia while we have the chance.  Unless you are adopting or have official business here, Hohhot is not for foreigners.  Check out the video of the traffic!  It is wildly colder here today than it has been.  We definitely felt the chill of the wind blowing from the north.  Tomorrow, Macie, Wen Jun and I will travel about 2 hours to visit Wen Jun's orphanage and the clinic where she was taken as a baby.   She is very excited to say hello and goodbye to her friends at BaoTou.


Mirjam said...

Fifth picture is perfect for scrapping.
You need a Christmas card?


Daisy Dreams said...

What a great family photo!! And you guys look like you're freezing! Wen Jun is going to be in for a shock when she gets to FL and realizes how warm it is!