Monday, December 15, 2008

Adoption Final!

Today was our paperwork day to finalize the Chinese side of the adoption!  The notaries, registrars and officials came to our hotel and we filled out a ton of paperwork, answered a million questions, and signed our life away!  She was asked the "big" question:  Did she like her mother and father and did she want to go to America.  They were asking her in Chinese, but we knew what they were saying b/c they were looking at her and we heard "mama and baba."  The crickets chirped for about 15 minutes (actually, it was about 10 seconds but felt like 15 minutes!) and she said yes!  She told us after that they told her to think for a minute before answering..whew!  ha ha!


taryn & rebecca said...

big congrats on the "official" newest addition to the linne family! we are eagerly awaiting the chance to meet our new niece and hope the rest of your trip is meaningful and inspiring. love and hugs.

Velleta said...

Whoohoo! I know that is a huge relief! Waiting for them to say yes in the adoptino ceremony does feel like a million years, even if it's only a few seconds. I am so happy for your family - but especially for Abby. I know how much she longed for a family. I can't keep from crying as I type this.

Mike said...

YOU'RE OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wen Jun, I can't wait to hear you say Mamamama in person! I already love you soooo much! When you smile it lights up the world! I love you! Grandma