Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Avree!

"Happy Birthday" in Chinese
9 year old!
HUGE Breakfast pancake!

Happy 9th Birthday, to my sweet Avree!  Our chef here at the hotel kept the pancake with candles breakfast tradition alive...even though the pancake was a little different than the ones we're used to!  Lunch was traditional Chinese, and for dinner, Avree chose PIZZA HUT!  We came back to the hotel where Larry had arranged a black forest cake with candle.  Our coordinator, Gessie, prepared a gift for her - a little red bracelet with a Fortune Cat and a pink purse.  She was tickled! I am so proud of her for being such a good sport not being able to have a traditional birthday, but really enjoying the idea of a birthday in China.


taryn & rebecca said...

happy birthday, avree! great pics, deb - kudos to larry for the lovely cake!

Mirjam said...

Happy birthday Avree!

Daisy Dreams said...

Happy Birthday Avree! She'll always remember her 9th birthday!