Monday, December 29, 2008


First Toes in the Ocean
Daddy and his girl
Macie THRILLED to see her puppy
Night we got home - opening gifts
First night home - checking out dog

Hi all!  We are home!  It's been 4 days, and I am barely now able to form complete sentences.  :-)  Between the jet lag, a head cold, and a bit of lingering stomach issues, it's taken a bit of time to recover.  We are all feeling better and are starting to sleep a little better at night.  Wen Jun is already bopping around the house and is doing very well.  She misses her friends at Bethel, a lot, which of course we expected.  She laughs at all the funny things in America, like how quiet and un-crowded the stores are!  We have been so blessed to have my parents here holding down the fort.  They have cooked, cleaned, entertained kids and been invaluable!  I don't know if I could have done it without them.  I will update more in a few days - I think I've used my quota of brain power for the day!  


Mirjam said...


Did you get the Christmascard with text in China?

KHM said...

glad you all made it in one piece.

We also felt really bad when we got back. In fact we have a gift we never opened yet . . .

Thanks for all the kind words in Hohhot

Heather said...

So glad to see the pictures of the home life, I'll be able to tell CB about it on Th. We're still waiting, probably another couple months to go, sigh.
Can't wait for us to get the girls back together in NM!
take care, feel better,
Heather BT

Velleta said...

Everyone here is so happy you are all home! I hope you feel better soon. Jenna and Rosanna say they will be very happy to talk to
Abby when things settle down for you.

kim said...

Those pictures of Wen Jun with Daddy get me every time. So so so so so so precious. wow. gotta go get some tissues!!!